Great Basin Naturalist


We report the collection of 8 additional specimens of Sorex merriami from northwestern Nebraska; previously only 2 specimens had been collected in the state. The new specimens were captured in pitfall traps and Sherman live-traps from 1979 through 1996 in Dawes, Sheridan, and Sioux counties. These individuals were caught together with Sorex cinereus and several rodent species in a variety of grassland habitats, including disturbed roadsides dominated by native and introduced grasses and forbs, grassland openings in forests of ponderosa pine, and an open, dry grassland. Seven of the new specimens, captured in late May, early June, and December, were young-of-the-year, and 4 of these were not in reproductive condition; reproductive status of the other 3 was not assessed. One individual, captured in late May, was an old male in reproductive condition.