Great Basin Naturalist


Diameter-age relationships of Salix arizonica (Arizona willow) stems were investigated for 5 populations on the Markagunt, Paunsaugunt, and Sevier plateaus in southern and central Utah. Of the 430 stems studied, none exceeded 26 mm in diameter at ground level (estimated age of 19 yr). Equations developed for predicting age from stem diameters consistently accounted for over 90% of the observed variation. Slopes of predictive equations were homogenous across the 3 sites considered in detail. At 2 sites 46% and 38% of the stems exceeded 10 mm (~7 yr old) diameter at ground level. At a 3rd site, no stems survived to exceed that size. Stem-age profiles at specific sites may thus be useful for assessing the relative favorability of local environments for the species.