Great Basin Naturalist

Volume 56, Number 2 (1996)

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Selecting wilderness areas to conserve Utah's biological diversity
Diane W. Davidson, William D. Newmark, Jack W. Sites Jr., Dennis K. Shiozawa, Eric A. Rickart, Kimball T. Harper, and Robert B. Keiter


Comparison of two roadside survey procedures for dwarf mistletoes on the Sawtooth National Forest, Idaho
Robert L. Mathiasen, James T. Hoffman, John C. Guyon, and Linda L. Wadleigh


Effects of Douglas-fir foliage age class on western spruce budworm oviposition choice and larval performance
Kimberly A. Dodds, Karen M. Clancy, Kathryn J. Leyva, David Greenberg, and Peter W. Price



Summer nocturnal roost sites of Blue Grouse in northeastern Oregon
Kenneth J. Popper, Eric C. Pelren, and John A. Crawford


Pocket gophers damage saltcedar (Tamarix ramosissima) roots
Sara J. Manning, Brian L. Cashore, and Joseph M. Szewczak

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