Great Basin Naturalist


We surveyed historic collecting localities in south central Arizona during July, August, and September 1993–94 to determine the presence of 3 little-known Sonoran Desert anurans, Bufo retiformis, Gastrophryne olivacea, and Pternohyla fodiens. All 3 species were present at most historic localities visited under appropriate conditions (following rainfall in July and August). Pternohyla fodiens was restricted to San Simon Wash and associated tributaries in south central Pima County. Gastrophryne olivacea ranged from Vekol Valley in extreme southern Maricopa County south to the Mexican border, and southeast near Tucson and Nogales in Pima and Santa Cruz counties. Bufo retiformis occurred over the widest area, from southern Rainbow Valley in Maricopa County southwest to the vicinity of Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, and southeast to the vicinity of Tucson and Sasabe in Pima County.