Great Basin Naturalist


Eighteen species of Scolytidae are reported from Washington state for the first time or raised from obscurity: Scierus annectens LeConte, Hylesinus californicus (Swaine), Phloeotribus lecontei Schedl, Carphoborus vandykei Bruck, Polygraphus rufipennis (Kirby), Crypturgus borealis Swaine, Pityogenes knechteli Swaine, Ips mexicanus (Hopkins), Ips perturbatus (Eichhoff), Ips plastographus plastographus (LeConte), Ips woodi Thatcher, Trypodendron betulae Swaine, Trypophloeus striatulus (Mannerheim), Procryphalus mucronatus (LeConte), Procryphalus utahensis Hopkins, Pseudopityophthorus pubipennis (LeConte), Pityophthorus alpinensis G. Hopping, and Pityophthorus grandis Blackman. Host tree and collection data are given for these species. A total of 105 scolytid species known from Washington are listed.