Great Basin Naturalist


Trichodina tenuiformis Stein, 1979 and Apiosoma campanulactum Timofeev, 1962 were found on gills of mottled sculpin (Cottus bairdi) from two locations in the Provo River, UT. They were studied by light and electron optics. Dimensions and morphology of the adhesive disc and denticles of T. tenuiformis were differentiated from other Trichodina species. A. campanulatum was characterized by its spindle-shaped cell body. Fine features examined by scanning electron microscopy included body shape, pellicle, elements of the adhesive disc, aboral ciliary complex, and adoral ciliary spiral. Histopathological studies suggested that the organisms are ectocommensals. Ecological aspects of organism infestation between two areas were also investigated. This report establishes a new host and distribution record for these two species in mottled sculpin from the Provo River, UT.