Great Basin Naturalist


A search for characters to make the generic classification of Platypodidae more nearly objective resulted in the discovery of new anatomical features that appear to reflect patterns in phylogeny for this family. The Platypodidae are members of the Curculionoidea and are very closely allied to Scolytidae. Three subfamilies of Platypodidae are recognized: (1) Coptonotinae, containing Coptonotini (Coptonotus Chapuis, Protohylastes Wood, Scolytotarsus Schedl), Mecopelmini (Mecopelmus Blackman, Protoplatypus Wood), and Schedlarini (Schedlarius Wood [=Chapuisia Dugès]); (2) Tesserocerinae, containing Diapodini (Diapus Chapuis, Genyocerus Motschulsky [=Diacavus Schedl], and Tesseroccrini (Platytarsulus Schedl, Notoplatypus Lea, Tesserocranulus Schedl, Tesserocerus Saunders [=Damicerus Spinola, Tesseroplatypus Schedl, Tesserocephalus Schedl]), Spathidicerus Chapuis, Periommatus Chapuis [=Asetus Nunberg, Setanus Nunberg], Chaetastus Nunberg [=Symmerus Chapuis], Cenocephalus Chapuis, and Mitosoma Chapuis [=Platypicerus Nunberg, Coecephalonus Schedl]); and (3) Platypodinae, containing Platypodini (Platypus Herbst [=Cylindra Illiger, Stenoplatypus Strohmeyer, Platypinus Schedl, Austroplatypus Browne], Treptoplatypus Schedl, Crossotarsus Chapuis, Trachyostus Schedl, Neotrachyostus Browne, Platyscapulus Schedl [=Platyscapus Schedl, Costaroplatus Nunberg], Baiocis Browne, Cylindropalpus Strohmeyer, Triozastus Schedl, Mesoplatypus Strohmeyer, Doliopygus Schedl [=Scutopygus Nunberg, Pygodolius Nunberg, Mixopygus Nunberg, Mesopygus Nunberg], and 11 genera named as new to science derived from the genus Platypus of Schedl 1972. The following are new genera and their type-species: Peroplatypus (for Platypus truncatipennis Schedl), Dinoplatypus (for Platypus cupulatus Chapuis), Myoplatypus (for Bostrichus or Paltypus flavicornis Fabricius), Oxoplatypus (for Scolytus or Platypus quadridentatus Olivier), Platyphysus (for Platypus obtusus Chapuis), Megaplatypus (for Platypus dentatus Dalman), Euplatypus (for Bostrichus or Platypus parallelus Fabricius), Epiplatypus (for Platypus desceptor Wood), and Teloplatypus (for Platypus concinnus Blandford). The archaic "sektionen" used by Schedl in his 1972 classification of this family are eliminated. A key for the identification of genera, a discussion of characters, and remarks on phylogeny are included.