Great Basin Naturalist


New synonymy in Scolytidae includes Cryphalus piceae (Ratzeburg, 1837) (=Cryphalus subdepressus Eggers, 1940), Gnathotrupes longiusculus (Schedl, 1951) (=Gnathotrupes ciliatus Schedl, 1975), Hypothenemus eruditus Westwood (=Stephanoderes communis Schaufuss, 1891). In Platypodidae the new name Platypus abruptifer is proposed as a replacement for the junior homonym Platypus abruptus Browne, 1986; type-species designations are proposed for the genus group names Scutopygus Nunberg, 1966, Pygodolius Nunberg, 1966, Mixopygus Nunberg, 1966, Mesopygus Nunberg, 1966, Asetus Nunberg, 1958, Stenoplatypus Strohmeyer, 1914, Platypinus Schedl, 1939, Platyscapus Schedl, 1939, Treptoplatypus Schedl, 1939, Tesseroplatypus Schedl, 1935; previously unpublished specific synonymy is presented for Crossotarsus externedentatus (Fairmaire, 1849) (=Diapus talurae Stebbing, 1906), Crossotarsus terminatus Chapuis, 1865 (=Crossotarsus nicobaricus Beeson, 1937), Platypus abditus Schedl, 1936 (=Platypus transitus Schedl, 1978), Platypus rugosifrons Schedl, 1933 (=Platypus pretiosus Schedl, 1961), Platypus tiriosensis Reichardt, 1965 (=Platypus schedli Wood, 1966), Treptoplatypus multiporus Schedl, 1968 (=Playtpus fastuosus Schedl, 1969).