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In Platypodidae the new name Genyocerus strohmeyeri replaced the junior homonym G. albipennis Strohmeyer, 1942, and the new name Platypus applanatulus replaced the junior homonym Platypus applanatus Schedl, 1976. New names are presented in Scolytidae as replacements for junior homonyms as follows: Cryphalus brownei for Cryphalus artocarpus Schedl, 1958; Cyclorhipidion dihingicum for Xyleborus dihingensis Schedl, 1951; Hypothenemus aterrimulus for Lepiceroides (now Hypothenemus) aterrimus Schedl, 1957; Hypothenemus krivolutskayae for Hypothenemus insularis Krivolutskaya; Pityophthorus africanulus for Neodryocoetes (now Pityophthorus) africanus Schedl, 1962; Scolytogenes papuensis for Xylocryptus (now Scolytogenes) papuanus Schedl, 1975; Scolytogenes paradoxus for Scolytogenes papuanus Schedl, 1979; Xyleborinus spiniposticus for Eidophelus (now Xyleborinus) spinipennis Schedl, 1979; Xyleborus formosae for Xyleborus formosanus Browne, 1981. New combinations for fossil Scolytidae include Dryocoetes diluvialis for Pityophthoroidea diluvialis Wickham, 1916, and Hylesinus hydropicus for Apidocephalus hydropicus Wickham, 1916. Phloeotribus zimmermanni Wickham, 1916, is transferred to the family Curculionidae. In Scolytidae, Cryphalophilus Schedl, 1970, is a junior generic synonym of Scolytogenes Eichhoff; Macrocryphalus Nobuchi, 1981, is a junior generic synonym of Hypothenemus Westwood, 1836; Nipponopolygraphus Nobuchi, 1981, is a junior generic synonym of Polygraphus Erichson, 1836; Pseudocosmoderes Nobuchi, 1981, is a junior generic synonym of Cosmoderes Eichhoff, 1878; Taphrocoetes Pfeffer, 1987, is a junior generic synonym of Taphrorychus Eichhoff; Trypanophellos Bright, 1982, is a junior generic synonym of Liparthrum Wollaston. New specific synonymy in Scolytidae includes: Brachyspartus moritzi Ferrari (=Corthylus obtusus Schedl), Carphoborus minimus (Fabricius) (=Carphobhorus balgensis Murayama), Coccotrypes dactyliperda (Fabricius) (=Coccotrypes tropicus Eichhoff), Cryphalus scabricollis Eichhoff (=Cryphalus brevicollis Schedl), Ficicis despects (Walker) (=Hylesinus samoanus Schedl), Hylastes plumbeus Blandford (=Hylurgops fushunensis Murayama), Hylurgops interstitialis (Chapuis) (=Hylurgops niponicus Murayama), Hylurgops spessivtsevi Eggers (=Hylurgops modestus Murayama), Ips stebbingi Strohmeyer (=Ips schmutzenhoferi Holzschuh), Phloeosinus rudis Blandford (=Phloeosinus shotoensis Murayama, Polygraphus kaimochi (Nobuchi) (=Polygraphus querci Wood), Polygraphus proximus Blandford (=Polygraphus magnus Murayama), Scolytogenes braderi Browne (=Scolytogenes orientalis Schedl), Scolytoplatypus parvus Sampson (=Scolytoplatypus ruficauda Eggers), Sphaerotrypes querci Stebbing (=Chramesus globulus Stebbing, Sphaerotrypes tectus Beeson), Sueus niisimai (Eggers) (=Sphaerotrypes controversae Murayama), Tomicus brevipilosus (Eggers) (=Blastophagus khasianus Murayama, Blastophagus multisetosus Murayama). The European Hylastes opacus Erichson is reported as an established breeding population in New York (USA). Phloeosinus armatus Reitter of Asia Minor is reported as causing economic damage as a new introduction to Los Angeles County, California. The following species are named as new to science: Cyclorhipidion subagnatum (Philippine Islands), Dendrotrupes zealandicus (New Zealand), Polygraphus thitsi (Burma), Triotemnus pilicornis (India), and Xyleborus mangificus (Peru).