Great Basin Naturalist


Nine species of mites of the genus Proctolaelaps were collected in flowers or phoretic in the nares of hummingbirds in Trinidad. Previously named species P. kirmsei, P. glaucis, and P. belemensis are redescribed, and six new species are described: P. jurgatus, P. mermillion, P. rabulatus, P. contumex, P. certator, and P. contentiosus. Proctolaelaps belemensis cyanocompsae is raised to specific status. Host plants are given for all species except P. mermillion, which was collected only from a hummingbird host. New World flower-inhabiting Proctolaelaps are grouped into two hypothetically monophyletic lineages, the kirmsei-group and the belemensis-group, on the basis of adult morphology. A key to the nine Trinidadian species is given.