Great Basin Naturalist


Fungal spores from the same taxa of fungi that occur in the Pacific Northwest are reported from digestive tracts of 31 rodents of 5 genera from the Nothofagus forest of southern Argentina. Mycophagy (fungal feeding) by forest rodents has been well documented in North America (Fogel and Trappe 1978, Maser et al. 1978, Mclntire 1984, and others), Europe (Blaschke and Bäumler 1986, Durrieu et al. 1984), and Australia (Malajczuk et al. 1987). The purpose of this note is to report fungi consumed by rodents of the Argentine Andinian Patagonic forest (see Dimitri 1972, McQueen 1977, and Ward 1965 for a discussion of this forest), where mycorrhizal fungi may be an important part of the forest-rodent ecology (Cabrera and Yepes 1960, Pearson 1983, 1948, Pearson and Pearson 1982).