Great Basin Naturalist


This third report on the herpetofauna of Chihuahua deals exclusively with amphibians. The first plethodonid salamander is reported, species Ambystoma rosaceum is discussed in greater detail than before, and two subspecies are recognized. Spea is elevated from subgeneric to generic rank, and S. stagnalis Cope is removed from synonymy and is recognized as a subspecies of hammondii. The species listed include the following: 2 salamanders and 19 anurans (1 Scaphiopus, 2 Spea, 9 Bufo, 1 Eleutherodactylus, 2 Hyla, 3 Rana, and 1 Microhyla).

Reference is made to vaious habitats that are associated with elevations arising form lower deserts and extending into the western mountains. The role played by the dry and wet annual cycles is also noted.