Great Basin Naturalist


Patterns of change in the woody vegetation (trees and shrubs) of the riparian communities of three streams draining the slopes of the Pine Valley Mountains in Washington County, Utah, were examined. Thirty-nine study sites were established adjacent to the streams along an elevational gradient where vegetation, plant population, and species data were taken. Vegetation and species patterns varied with respect to elevation and geographical location. Vegetation of the high- and low-elevation areas was distinctly different, while that of the mid-elevations was transitional to both. Geographical patterns showed a north-south transition in vegetation between the Mojave and Great Basin deserts. Size-class distribution curves for 11 tree species showed varying degrees of survival with respect to age and location. Root sprouting was highly important in the reproductive effort of six of the trees. Species distribution patterns followed transriparian and intrariparian gradients within the riparian community.