Great Basin Naturalist


New synonymy is proposed for Phlocosinus (Hylesinus) machilus (Schedl) (= Phlocosinus cinnamomi Tsai & Yin). New replacement names are proposed for junior homonyms as follows: Cyrtogenius africus for Cyrtogenius (Metahylastes) africanus (Eggers). Cyrtogenius elongatissimus for Cyrtogenius (Ozodendron) elongatus (Schedl), Cyrtogenius elongatulus for Cyrtogenius (Eidophelus) elongatus (Schedl), Cyrtogenius gracillimus for Cyrtogenius gracilis Browne, Cyrtogenius papuae for Cyrtogenius (Pelicerus) papuanus (Eggers), Cyrtogenius papuensis for Cyrtogenius (Eidophelus) papuanus (Shedl), Cyrtogenius ruginosus for Cyrtogenius (mimidendrulus) rugicollis (Browne). The following species are named as new to science: Indocryphalus machili (India), Olonthogaster jiri (India), Olonthogaster regalis (Sri Lanka), Phlocosinus phoebe (India), Scolytomimus andamanensis (Andaman Islands), Scolytomimus mimusopis (Sri Lanka), (Scolytomimus quadridens (New Guinea), and Scolytomimus rectus (Sri Lanka).