Great Basin Naturalist


Reported are 105 species of Scolytidae (Coleoptera) from Idaho. About one-third of these are rarely collected, of which 22 species are known from a single locality each. Twelve species reported from Idaho for the first time are: Carphoborus carri Swaine, C. sansoni Swaine, Phloeosinus hoferi Blackman, Conophthorus monophyllae Hopkins, Dryocoetes betulae Hopkins, Ips confuses (LeConte), Pityophthorus absonus Blackman, P. aquilus Blackman, P. blandus Blackman, P. deletus LeConte, P. sculptor Blackman, and Xyleborinus saxeseni (Ratzeburg). Significant extensions of the known distributions in Idaho are reported for seven other scolytids; Alniphagus aspericollis (LeConte), Dendroctonus murrayanae Hopkins, Phloeotribus lecontei Schedl, Procryphalus mucronatus (LeConte), Trypophloeus populi Hopkins, Xyleborus dispar (Fabricius), and X. intrusus Blandford. Xyleborus dispar especially needs study in anticipation that it may become increasingly important in Idaho fruit trees and other woody plants including ornamentals and shade trees.