Great Basin Naturalist


Collections of mayflies of the Leptophlebiidae, genera Choroterpes Eaton, Paraleptophlebia Lestage, Thraulodes Ulmer, and Traverella Edmunds from the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico are reviewed. Choroterpes (Choroterpes) oaxacaensis Brusca & Allen is synonymized with C. (C.) inornata Eaton. The nymph described as Thraulodes species “D” Allen & Brusca is the nymph of T. arizonicus McDunnough. New distributional records extend the known ranges of C. inornata, C. (Neochoroterpes) mexicanus Allen, Paraleptophlebia memorialis (Eaton), T. arizonicus, T. brunneus Koss, T. salinus Kilgore & Allen, T. speciosus Traver, Traverella albertana (McDunnough), and T. castanea Kilgore & Allen.