Great Basin Naturalist


Stomach contents of 650 clouded salamanders (Aneides ferreus), collected monthly throughout the year from Curry County, Oregon, were examined. Samples from three age classes were involved: (1) 489 adults, (2) 131 juveniles, and (3) 30 hatchlings. Foods did not vary by sex, but did vary by age and by season. Hatchlings ate small items, particularly mites, springtails, flies, and small beetles. Juveniles fed mainly on flies, isopods (sowbugs), beetles, mites, and centipedes in winter; beetles, ants, and isopods in spring; ants and beetles in summer; and isopods, beetles, and ants in fall. Adults ate isopods and beetles as their major foods in winter, spring, and fall and isopods, ants, beetles, and earwigs in summer. Four species were exceedingly important as foods for these salamanders: an unidentified isopod, the snout beetle (Trachyphloeus bifoveatus), the European earwig (Forficula auricularia), and an ant (Lasius alienus).