Great Basin Naturalist


Named are the following: Astragalus limnocharis Barneby var. tabulaeus Welsh var. nov., from the pass between Boulder Mountain and the Table Cliff Plateau, Garfield County, Utah; A. eremiticus Sheldon var. ampularioides Welsh var. nov. from Washington County, Utah; Lupinus argenteus Pursh var. moabensis Welsh var. nov., from southeastern Utah, validated by inclusion of a Latin diagnosis; Erigeron zothecinus Welsh sp. nov. described from moist alcoves along Lake Powell, eastern Kane County, Utah; Cleomella palmerana Jones var. goodrichii Welsh var. nov. described from Uintah County, Utah; Arabis vivariensis Welsh sp. nov. named from northeastern Uintah County, Utah; Draba kassii Welsh sp. nov. described from material taken in the Deep Creek Mountains, western Tooele County, Utah.