Great Basin Naturalist


Eighty-four taxa in 30 genera of the parsley family, Apiaceae (Umbelliferae) are treated for Utah. Four of the genera with one species each that escape from cultivation are included in the key but not in the text. Keys to genera, species and infraspecific taxa are provided, along with detailed descriptions, distributional data, and pertinent comments. Proposed new taxa are Cymopterus acaulis (Pursh) Raf. var. parvus Goodrich and Lomatium scabrum (Coult. & Rose) Mathias var. tripinnatus Goodrich. New combinations include: Cymopterus acaulis (Pursh) Raf. var. fendleri (Gray) Goodrich and var. higginsii (Welsh) Goodrich; Cymopterus purpureus Wats. var. jonesii (Coult. & Rose) Goodrich and var. rosei (Jones) Goodrich; Cymopterus terebinthinus (Hook.) T. & G. var. petraeus (Jones) Goodrich.