Great Basin Naturalist


The densities of single leaf pinyon and Utah juniper trees in four diameter classes (1–9, 10–19, 20–29, and ≥ 30 cm) were measured on 522 plots of 1/10 ha each throughout the Great Basin. Density distribution patterns of pinyon and juniper varied with aspect, elevation, and eastern (EGB) versus western Great Basin (WGB) locations. On most locations north and, to a lesser extent, west slopes supported higher densities of pinyon than south and east slopes, with high relative densities of small diameter trees on north slopes and large diameter trees on west slopes. Pinyon densities were higher on EGB than on WGB sites and on higher elevation than on lower elevation sites. Juniper densities were higher on EGB than on WGB sites and on lower elevation than on higher elevation sites. Juniper densities on low-elevation WGB sites were higher on south and west aspects than on north and east, with higher relative densities in the 20–29 cm diameter class than in other diameter classes. On low elevation EGB sites, east and south slopes supported higher juniper densities than did north and west slopes, with comparatively higher relative densities in the 10–19 cm diameter class. Differences in relative densities between diameter classes were not significant among aspects on high elevation sites.