Great Basin Naturalist


Helminth parasites of white-tailed jackrabbits, Lepus townsendi, were surveyed from southern Wyoming and northwestern Colorado. A total of eight helminth species were identified, including two species of adult cestodes, Mosgovoyia pectinata and M. varabilis; three species of larval cestodes, Multiceps serialis, Taenia pisiformis, and Taenis sp.; and three species of nematodes, Dermatoxys veliger, Passalurus ambiguus, and a filariid, Micipsella brevicauda. In addition, eggs of an unidentified species of Nematodirus were found in pooled fecal samples. The cysticercus larva of Taenia sp. is a species new to science and will be reported elsewhere. Mosgovoyia varabilis and Micipsella brevicauda are new records for the white-tailed jackrabbit.