Great Basin Naturalist

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Utah flora: Polygonaceae


The genera and species of Polygonaceae in Utah are revised. Descriptions and keys to taxa are included, along with habitat, elevation, and distributional data. Taxonomic problems are outlined and discussed. Described as new is Eriogonum brevicaule Nutt. var. promiscuum Welsh. New nomenclatural combinations include Eriogonum batemanii Jones var. eremicum (Reveal) Welsh and var. ostlundii (Jones) Welsh; E. brevicaule Nutt. var. desertorum (Maguire) Welsh, var. ephedroides (Reveal) Welsh, var. loganum (A. Nels.) Welsh, var. nanum (Reveal) Welsh, and var. viridulum (Reveal) Welsh; E. corymbosum Benth var. cronquistii (Reveal) Welsh, var. humivagans (Reveal) Welsh, var. smithii (Reveal) Welsh; E. lonchophyllum T. & G. var. saurinum (Reveal) Welsh; E. nummulare Jones var. ammophilum (Reveal) Welsh; E. racemosum Nutt. var. coccineum (J. T. Howell) Welsh and var. zionis (J. T. Howell) Welsh; E. spathulatum Gray var. natum (Reveal) Welsh.