Great Basin Naturalist


This paper presents data on the distribution of Pinus longaeva on the Markagunt Plateau, Utah; and the Snake, Egan, and White Pine ranges of eastern Nevada. It also presents data on the present-day density and age structure of three P. longaeva populations and the growth rates of individual trees within these populations.

Conifer species richness and the relative abundance of P. longaeva varies clinally from the Markagunt Plateau to the White Pine Range. The Markagunt Plateau has relatively high conifer species richness (10 species) and low relative abundance of P. longaeva (1%). The White Pine Range has low conifer richness (4 species) and high P. longaeva relative abundance (34%). Individual tree growth rates were low but highly variable in all populations studied. The three populations studied had mixed age structures with a general trend of more younger individuals at the lower elevations.

Possible explanations for the present distribution of P. longaeva and the population structures observed are discussed.