Great Basin Naturalist


Bottle Hollow Reservoir contains a diverse algal flora. A total of 289 taxa was observed, 227 of which were diatoms. Both littoral and planktonic communities had high diatom diversity. During summer months filamentous Chlorophyta were diverse and high in biomass in the littoral zone. Phytoplankton collections in Bottle Hollow Reservoir were dominated by four species: Asterionella formosa, Cyclotella comta, Dinobryon divergens, and Fragilaria crotonensis. Plankton samples contained mostly small diatoms in early spring, with larger algae succeeding these as the summer progressed. No blue-green algae were important in this succession. Two peak production periods were observed, one in the fall and one in the spring. Bottle Hollow Reservoir appears to be a healthy mesotrophic system based on the evidences of moderately high algal diversity, insignificance of blue-green algae, and the presence of a suite of diatom species indicative of mesotrophic conditions.