Great Basin Naturalist


New names are presented to replace junior homonyms as follows in Platypodidae: Platypus acuticornifer for Platypus acuticornis Schedl, 1975 (nec Schedl, 1973), Platypus tuberculifer for Platypus bituberculatus Schedl, 1975 (nec Nunberg, 1967), Platypus obliquus for Platypus obliquesectus Schedl, 1975 (nec Schedl, 1973); and in Scolytidae: Amphicranus electus for Amphicranus elegantulus Schedl, 1978 (nec Schedl, 1963), Araptus crassulus for Araptus crassus Wood (nec Schedl, 1966), Corthycyclon tardulus for Corthycyclon tardus Schedl, 1976 (nec Wood, 1974), Corthylus brunnescens for Corthylus brunneus Wood, December 1974 (nec Schedl, November 1974), Monarthrum denticulatum for Monarthrum (= Pterocyclon) dentatum Eggers, 1941 (nec Eggers, 1935), Monarthrum peruvianum for Monarthrum peruvianum Schedl, 1978 (nec Schedl, 1950), Scolytodes eximius for Scolytodes grandis Schedl, 1978 (nec Schedl, 1962), Scolytodes minutus for Scolytodes (= Hexacolus) minutissimus Schedl, 1978 (nec Schedl, 1952). New synonymy is proposed in Platypodidae for Genyocerus albipennis Motschulsky ( = Diacavus irregularis Browne). The emendation in Scolytidae of Cnemonyx vismiacolens is presented to correct the lapsis calami Cnemonyx visimiacolens Wood, 1979. The following species of Scolytidae are named as new to science: Chramesus atkinsoni, Liparthrum thevetiae, Microborus mexicanus, Phloeocleptus ardis, Phloeocleptus atkinsoni, Phloecleptus cristatus, Phloeocleptus spicatus, Pseudothysanoes perseae (Mexico), Scolytodes anceps, Scolytodes pusillimus, Scolytodes tardus, Scolytodes vesculus (Colombia), Scolytodes ficicolens, Scolytodes naevius (Venezuela).