Great Basin Naturalist


This report includes data collected during an investigation by Brigham Young University personnel from 1971 to 1976, as well as a literature review. The fauna of the Kaiparowits Basin is represented by 7 species of amphibians (1 salamander, 5 toads, and 1 tree frog), 29 species of reptiles (1 turtle, 16 lizards, and 12 snakes), 183 species of birds (plus 2 hypothetical), and 74 species of mammals. Geographic distribution of the various species within the basin are discussed. Birds are categorized according to their population and seasonal status. Avian habitat relationships are discussed, and extensions of range are reported for 5 species of birds. Three threatened or endangered avian species occur in the basin. Four avian species seem to have declined significantly in numbers in recent years.