Great Basin Naturalist


Michel Gandoger, a notorious "splitter," proposed several new entities in the plant genus Eriogonum (Polygonaceae) in a 1906 paper published in Belgium. Because he used the term species at two different ranks, in violation of the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature, many of his names are invalid. Unlike his papers published in France, this one was apparently edited so that some names were validly published and some are invalid. A review of the 1906 Eriogonum paper shows that a majority of both specific and infraspecific entities proposed are valid, but some names, long in use and assumed to be valid, are, in fact, invalid. Even so, most of his names are synonyms. Each name proposed by Gandoger is reviewed and a nomenclatural and taxonomic disposition made. Two new combinations are made within E. luteolum Greene, var. caninum (Greene) Reveal and var. pedunculatum (S. Stokes) Reveal.