Great Basin Naturalist


New generic synonymy in the world fauna of Scolytidae includes: Acanthotomicus Blandford ( = Isophthorus Schedl), Acrantus Broun ( = Chaetophorous Fuchs, Chaetoptelius Fuchs), Cosmoderes Eichhoff ( = Erioschidias Schedl), Ernoporicus Berger ( = Ernopocerus Balachowsky), Ernoporus Thomson ( = Euptilius Schedl), Hylurdrectonus Schedl ( = Xylogopinus Schedl), Ozopemon Hagedorn (Dryocoetiops Schedl), Scolytogenes Eichhoff ( = Cryphalomorphus Schaufuss). Stephanopodius Schedl ( = Cryphalomimetes Browne), and Xylechinus Chapuis ( = Squamasinulus Nunberg). Genera new to science and their type-species include: Anaxyleborus (Tomicus truncatus Erichson), Apoxyleborus (Xyleborus mancus Blandford), Cryphalogenes (Cryphalogenes euphorbiae Wood), Ernocladius (Cryphalus corpulentus Sampson), Hadrodemius (Xyleborus globus Blandford), Leptoxyleborus (Phloeotrogus sordicauda Motschulsky), Microperus (Xyleborus theae Eggers), Taphrodasus (Xyleborus percorthylus Schedl), and Taurodemus (Xyleborus sharpi Blandford). The new name Hylurdrectonus corticinus is presented to replace H. araucariae (Schedl 1972). Dryocoetes coffeae Eggers is transferred to Eulepiops. The following genera are treated in a revised context: Crytogenius, Dryocoetes, Eulepiops, Ernoporicus, Ernoporus, Xyleborus, and Xylechinus. Cryphalogenes euphorbiae and C. exiguus (Sri Lanka) are named as new to science.