Great Basin Naturalist


The subfamily Anomiopsyllinae in North America consists of five genera: Anomiopsyllus Baker; Callistopsyllus Jordan and Rothschild; Conorhinopsylla Stewart; Megarthroglossus Jordan and Rothschild; and Stenistomera Rothschild. The revision of Anomiopsyllus was the subject of a previous paper, and the remaining four genera are treated herein. The North American genus Jordanopsylla Traub and Tipton and the Palearctic genus Wagnerina Ioff and Argyropulo had been included in the subfamily Anomiopsyllinae by Ioff and Argyropulo, but these two genera possess characters which are not consistent with the current definition of the subfamily. All species are considered to be "nest fleas," but modifications for a nest habitat are more pronounced in some species than others. Diagnoses, descriptions, and keys are given for genera and most species. In addition, illustrations, host records, and geographical distribution are given for each of the 21 species.