Great Basin Naturalist


New synonymy of American Scolytidae is proposed as follows: Acacacis, Lea ( = Neodiamerus Schedl), Gnatholeptus panamensis Blackman ( = Pityophthorus epistomalis Schedl), Gnatholeptus shannoni (Blackman) ( = Gnatholeptus mandibularis Blackman, Pityophthorus gentilis Schedl), Gymnochilus reitteri Eichhoff ( = Problechilus striatus Eggers, Problechilus bicolor Eggers), Hylastes scabripennis (Zimmermann) ( = Hylastes salebrosus Eichhoff), Hylurgopinus opaculus (LeConte) ( = Hylastes rufipes Eichhoff), Ips perturbatus (Eichhoff) ( = Tomicus interpunctus Eichhoff), Monarthrum dimidiatum (Ferrari) ( = Pterocyclon moritzi Eichhoff), Pityophthorus subcribratus Schedl ( = Pityophthorus zeteki Blackman), Scolytodes trispinosus Eggers ( = Scolytodes elongatus Schedl), Xyleborus costaricensis Blandford ( = Xyleborus nevermanni Schedl), Xyleborus improvidus Schedl ( = Xyleborus aclinus Wood), Xyleborus spinulosus Blandford ( = Xyleborus fusciseriatus Eggers, Xyleborus artespinulosus Schedl). The genus Carphodicticus Wood is removed from synonymy with Dendrodicticus Schedl. Scolytodes striatulus, new name, is proposed as a replacement for Hylocurosoma striatum Eggers. Notes on the status of Xyleborus perforans (Walker) are presented. The following species are named as new to science: Cnemonyx furvescens (Colombia), C. squamifer (Guatemala), C. protivorus and C. vismiacolens (Venezuela), Corthylus nanus (Costa Rica), Dendrocranulus auctus, D. limbellus, D. limitaris, D. modus, and D. pinguis (Venezuela), Hylocurus clarki (Guatemala), and H. longipennis (Mexico).