Great Basin Naturalist

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Mountain ants of Nevada


Introductory topics include "The High Altitude Environment," "Ants Recorded from High Altitudes," "Adaptations of Ants," "Mountain Ants of North America," and "The Mountains of Nevada." A Nevada mountain ant species is defined as one that inhabits the Coniferous Forest Biome or Alpine Biome or the ecotone between them. A table gives a taxonomic list of the mountain ants and shows the biomes in which they occur; it also indicates whether they occur in lower biomes. This list comprises 50 species, which is 28 percent of the ant fauna we have found in Nevada. Only 30 species (17 percent of the fauna) are exclusively montane; these are in the genera Myrmica, Manica, Stenamma, Leptothorax, Camponotus, Lasius, and Formica. The article concludes with "Records for Nevada Mountain Ants." All known records for each species are cited. For each record we give first the county, next the mountain range, then the peak (or other local feature), and finally the elevation.