Great Basin Naturalist


The mustard family, Brassicaceae (Cruciferae) is revised for the state of Utah. Treated are 155 species and 44 varieties, including 37 species of introduced weeds or escaped cultivated plants. A key to the genera and species is included, along with detailed descriptions, distribution data, and pertinent comments for many of the taxa. Proposed new varieties are: Lepidium montanum Nutt. var. stellae Welsh & Reveal; L. montanum var. neeseae Welsh & Reveal; Lesquerella hemiphysaria Maguire var. lucens Welsh & Reveal; Physaria acutifolia Rydb. var. purpurea Welsh & Reveal; and, Thelypodium sagittatum (Nutt.) Endl. in Walp. var. vermicularis Welsh & Reveal. The following new combinations are made: Arabis confinis S. Wats. var. interposita (Greene) Welsh & Reveal; Descurainia pinnata (Walt.) Britt. var. paysonii (Detl.) Welsh & Reveal; D. richardsonii (Sweet) O. E. Schulz var. brevipes (Nutt.) Welsh & Reveal; Draba asprella Greene var. zionensis (C. L. Hitchc.) Welsh & Reveal; Draba densifolia Nutt. ex Torr. & Gray var. daviesiae (C. L. Hitchc.) Welsh & Reveal; Lesquerella alpina (Nutt.) S. Wats. var. parvula (Greene) Welsh & Reveal; Lesquerella kingii S. Wats. var. parvifolia (Maguire & Holmgren) Welsh & Reveal; Rorippa islandica (Oed.) Borbas var. glabra (O. E. Schulz) Welsh & Reveal; Thelypodiopsis divaricata (Rollins) Welsh & Reveal; Thelypodium integrifolium (Nutt.) Endl. var. affine (Greene) Welsh & Reveal.