Great Basin Naturalist


New synonymies and new combinations affecting North American Pityophthorus are proposed as follows: carinifrons Blandford, incompositus Blandford, and incommodus Blandford are removed from Pityophthorus and placed in Araptus; P. boycei Swaine ( = Myeloborus catulus Blackman and M. iniquus Blackman); P. lautus Eichhoff = P. rhois Swaine and P. natalis Blackman); P. californicus new name for P. deleoni (Bright) not Blackman. New species are: P. abstrusus (Mexico), anthracinus (Mexico), arcanus (Arizona), brevicomatus (Mexico), dispar (Mexico), elimatus (Mexico), furnissi (Mexico), germanus (Mexico), ineditus (Mexico), litos (Mexico), megas (Mexico), minus (Arizona), occlusus (Honduras, Mexico), recans (British Columbia), siouxensis (South Dakota), speculum (Mexico), subimpressus (Mexico), thatcheri (California), thomasi (Mexico), and zonalis (Arizona). A neotype for P. lautus Eichhoff is selected.