Great Basin Naturalist


A list of species, illustrated keys to nymphs and adults, distribution, and biological notes are presented for 24 stonefly species occurring in Louisiana. Leuctra moha?, Pteronarcys dorsata, Helopicus subvarians, Paragnetina kansensis, Paragnetina immarginata, Phasganophora capitata, and Acroneuria evoluta are recorded only from the florida parishes east of the Mississippi River. Isoperla Coushatta, Isoperla mohri, Neoperla clymene, an undescribed Neoperla (Sp. A), Paragnetina fumosa, Acroneuria abnormis, Acroneuria arenosa, Perlinella drymo, and Perlesta placida are found both east and west of the Mississippi; and Allocapnia granulata, Allocapnia malverna, Amphinemoura nigritta, and three species of Taeniopteryx have been recorded only west of the Mississippi.

Habitats are primarily sand-bottomed streams of pine-hardwood rolling hills, constituting a portion of the western Gulf Coastal Plain. Few stoneflies occur in streams of the Mississippi Alluvial Plain, the Alluvial Atchafalaya Basin, or the lowlands along the Red River.