Great Basin Naturalist


This paper presents the results of a systematic study of mites of the genus Laelaps s. str. collected from small mammals of the Ethiopian region. Specimens taken from approximately 100,000 small mammals were examined from a wide variety of habitats and localities. The Ethiopian fauna of Laelaps mites includes 31 species. 4 of which are described as new: L. parasimillimus, L. myomys, L. malacomys, and L. acomys. A numerical taxonomic analysis was made, the results of which were used in the preparation of a proposed classification of the African species of Laelaps. A key for identification of females is given, and females and males (where known) of all species are illustrated. Diagnostic characters are given for the female and male of each species. Collection data and, where pertinent, discussions of morphological characters and variability are provided. Also included are discussions of host-parasite associations.