Great Basin Naturalist


New synonymy is proposed as follows: Pityophthorus Eichhoff ( = Gnathophorus Schedl, Gnathophthorus Wood), Araptus confinis (Blandford) ( = Neopityophthorus glabricollis Schedl), A. eruditus (Schedl) ( = Neodryocoetes buscki Blackman), A. hymenaeae (Eggers) ( = Neodryocoetes humilis Blackman), A. schedli (Blackman) ( = Neodryocoetes lenis Blackman), A. tenellus (Schedl) ( = Ctenyophthorus mexicanus Schedl, Neodryocoetes granulatus Schedl, Araptus cuspidus Wood), Coccotrypes carpophagus (Hornung) ( = Coccotrypes liberiensis Hopkins, Coccotrypes punctatulus Eggers), C. dactyliperda (Fabricius) ( = Coccotrypes bassiavorus Hopkins), C. robustus Eichhoff ( = Coccotrypes cylindricus Schedl), Cryptocarenus heveae (Hagedorn) ( = Cryptocarenus caraibicus Eggers), Hypothenemus setosus (Eichhoff) ( = Stephanoderes congonus Hagedorn). Microcorthylus minutus Schedl ( = Microcorthylus minutissimus Schedl), Pseudopityophthorus limbatus Eggers ( = Pseudopityophthorus micans Wood), Xyleborus obliquus (LeConte) ( = Xyleborus gilvipes Blandford, X. brasiliensis Eggers, illepidus Schedl). Hypothenemus javanus Eggers is a valid species. The genus Dacnophthorus, type-species Gnathophthorus clematus Wood, is described as new to science. The following species are described as new to science: Araptus consobrinus, A. micaceus, Pityophthorus explicitus, and P. inceptis (Mexico), P. costatus and P. mendosus (Costa Rica), P. degener and P. timidulus (Panama), P. amiculus (Mexico, Costa Rica), and P. dissolutus (Costa Rica, Panama), Xyleborus californicus (California), X. incultus, X. molestulus (Panama), and tristiculus (Brazil).