Great Basin Naturalist


Artemisia arbuscula, A. longiloba, and A. nova are dwarf sagebrush species that occur extensively throughout the shrub steppe of northern Nevada. These species are similar ecologically in that they occupy habitats strongly influenced by edaphic factors. Nine major habitat types on which these shrubs are dominant are recognized in this region. The A. arbuscula habitat types are most prevalent in extreme northern Nevada. Southward, they generally become restricted to altitudes above the Pinus-Juniperus woodland zone. A single A. longiloba habitat type is described, occurring in northeastern Nevada. The A. nova habitat types are most prevalent in north central and east central Nevada. Four features appear consistently among soils of these habitat types: (1) shallowness, (2) high profile gravel volume, (3) presence of a clay B horizon close to the soil surface, and (4) presence of large quantities of mineral carbonates throughout profiles of most A. nova habitat types.