Great Basin Naturalist


New synonymy affecting North and Central American Scolytidae is proposed as follows: Araptus Eichhoff (= Neodryocoetes Eggers, Thamnophthorus Schedl, Sphenoceros Schedl), Coccotrypes Eichhoff (= Poecilips Schaufuss), Gnathotrichus Eichhoff (= Ancyloderes Blackman, Prognathotrichus Bright), Gnathotrupes Schedl (= Gnathotrypanus Wood), Araptus hymenaeae (Eggers), n. comb., (= Neodryocoetes insularis Eggers, Neodryocoetes caribaeus Blackman, Neodryocoetes guianae Blackman, Neodryocoetes hoodi Blackman), Araptus laevigatus (Eggers), n. comb. (= Neopityophthorus insularis Eggers, Neodryocoetes guadeloupensis Schedl), Araptus macer Bright, n. comb. (= Neodryocoetes tuberculatus Bright), Araptus politus (Blandford), n. comb. (= Neodryocoetes hubbardi Blackman), Araptus tabogae (Blackman), n. comb. (= Neodryocoetes vinealis Bright), Cnesinus elegantis Wood (= Cnesinus zapotecus Bright), Coccotrypes advena Blandford (= Thamnurgides persicae Hopkins), Corthylocurus barbatus (Blandford) (= Corthylocurus cincinnatus Bright), Corthylocurus mexicanus (Schedl) (= Corthylus anomalus Bright), Corthylus mexicanus Schedl (= Corthylus glabinus Bright), Crypturgus pusillus (Gyllenhal) (= Crypturgus atomus LeConte), Dendrocranulus carbonarius (Ferrari) (= Xylocleptes floridensis Hopkins, Xylocleptes anonae Hopkins), Dendrocranulus cucurbitae (LeConte) (= Xylocleptes californicus Hopkins, Xylocleptes venturina Hopkins, Xylocleptes punctatus Hopkins), Dendrocranulus macilentus (Blandford) (= Dendrocranulus grossopunctatus Schedl), Hylastes salebrosus Eichhoff (= Hylastes scobinosus Eichhoff), Hypothenemus seriatus (Eichhoff) (= Stephanoderes pulverulentus Eichhoff), Ips spinifer (Eichhoff) (= Orthotomicus sabinianae Hopping), Leperisinus aculeatus (Say) (= Hylesinus imperialis Eichhoff), Micracis lignator Blackman (= Micracis truncates Wood), Micracis swainei Blackman (= Micracis photophilus Wood), Micracis suturalis LeConte (= Micracis meridianus Blackman), Monarthrum querneus Wood (= Monarthrum bifidus Bright), Orthotomicus caelatus Eichhoff (= Xyleborus vicinus LeConte, Xyleborus punctipennis LeConte), Coccotrypes indicus (Eggers) (= Xyleborus conspeciens Schedl, Coccotrypes insularis Eggers, Poecilips eggersi Schedl), Phloeoborus asper Erichson (= Phloeoborus ovatus Chapuis, Phloeoborus rugatus Blandford), Phloeoborus rudis Erichson (= Phloeoborus elongates Chapuis, Phloeoborus rugipennis Eggers), Phloeotribus armatus Blandford (= Phloeotribus mixtecus Bright), Phloeotribus demessus Blandford (= Phloeotribus tuberculatus Eggers), Phloeotribus pilula (Erichson) (= Phloeotribus obliquus Chapuis, Phloeotribus manni Blackman), Phloeotribus setulosus Eichhoff (= Phloeotribus asperatus Blandford), Pityoborus frontalis Wood (= Pityoborus severus Bright), Pityoborus secundus Blackman (= Pityoborus tertius Blackman, Pityoborus immitus Bright, Pityoborus intonsus Wood, Pityoborus ramosus Bright), Pycnarthrum hispidum (Ferrari) (= Nemobius lambottei Chapuis, Pycnarthrum gracile Eichhoff, Pycnarthrum quadraticolle Eichhoff, Pycnarthrum transversum Blandford, Pycnarthrum reimoseri Schedl, Pycnarthrum reticulates Schedl), Pseudopityophthorus declivis Wood (= Pseudopityophthorus truncates Bright, Pseudopityophthorus curtus Bright), Pseudopityophthorus hondurensis Wood (= Pseudopityophthorus montanus Bright), Pseudopityophthorus micans Wood (= Pseudopityophthorus squamosus Bright), Pseudopityophthorus opacicollis Blackman (= Pseudopityophthorus aesculinus Bright), Pseudopityophthorus pruinosus (Eichhoff) (= Pseudopityophthorus pulverous Blackman, Pseudopityophthorus tropicalis Wood, Pseudopityophthorus convexus Bright), Pseudopityophthorus singularis Wood (= Pseudopityophthorus acuminatus Bright), Pseudopityophthorus tennis Wood (= Pseudopityophthorus hirsutus Bright), Stenocleptus sulcatus (Bruck) (= Stenocleptus ceanothi Blackman, Stenocleptus rhois Blackman), Thysanoes texanus Blackman (= Thysanoes vachelliae Blackman, Thysanoes ratamae Blackman), Trypophloeus striatulus (Mannerheim) (= Trypophloeus nitidus Swaine), Xyleborus capucinus Eichhoff (= Xyleborus rufithorax Eichhoff), Xyleborus pubescens Zimmermann (= Xyleborus pini Say of Eichhoff), Xylosandrus curtulus Eichhoff (= Xyleborus biseriatus Schedl). Carphotoreus, n. gen., is described for Chaetophloeus alni Bright. Coccotrypes sannio (Schaufuss) is treated as a taxon distinct from Coccotrypes advena Blandford; and Gnathotrichus consentaneus Blandford is a valid species distinct from Gnathotrichus sulcatus LeConte. Gnathotrichus bituberculatus Blandford and all described South American species of Gnathotrichus are transferred to Gnathotrupes.