Great Basin Naturalist


Questionable Utah distribution records are reviewed and new state records are given. The female of Capnia cygna Jewett is described and figured and an allotype ♀ designated. Detailed synonomies and nomenclatural notes are provided for Capnia vernalis (Newport), Utacapnia poda (Nebeker and Gaufin) and Oemopteryx fosketti (Ricker). Descriptions are given of the female, nymph, and egg of Isogenoides zionensis Hanson and an allotype ♀ designated. The male, nymph, and egg of Pictetiella expansa (Banks) are described and an allotype ♂ designated. Sweltsa gaufini, sp. nov., is described for the male, female, and egg stages and a holotype ♂ designated. Descriptions are either supported with original figures or reference is made to acceptable figures in the literature. Besides line drawings and halftones, useful photographic figures are provided which were prepared by using a scanning electron microscope.

An annotated list of Utah species is given following the revised nomenclature of Illies (1966) and Zwick (1973).