Great Basin Naturalist


Chromosome numbers are reported for 19 species of western American plants. Reports for previously uncounted species include Nitrophila mohavensis Munz and Roos, n = 18; Eriogonum contiguum (Reveal) Reveal, n = 16; Mentzelia leucophylla Brandeg., n = 18, and M. torreyi A. Gray, n = 12; Prunus virginiana L. var. melanocarpa (A. Nels.) Sarg., n = 8; Astragalus beatleyae Barneby, n = 11; Angelica kingii (S. Wats.) Coult. and Rose, n = 22; Gilia nyensis Reveal, n = 9; and Arnica parryi A. Gray var. sonnei (Greene) Cronq. in Ferris n = 19. New ploidy levels are reported in Oxystylis lutea Torr. and Frém., n = 10; Lupinus aridus Dougl. ex Lindl., n = 12; and Castilleja martini Abrams var. clokeyi (Pennell) N. H. Holmgren, n = 12. Seven additional counts are given which confirm those published by others. These are Opuntia chlorotica Engelm. and Bigel., n = 11; Eriogonum inflatum Torr. and Frém. var. inflatum, n = 16, E. trichopes Torr., n = 16, and E. bifurcatum Reveal, n = 20; Stanleya pinnata (Pursh) Britt. var. inyoensis (Munz and Roos) Reveal, n = 28; Lupinus argenteus Pursh, n = 24; and Castilleja viscidula A. Gray, n = 12.