Great Basin Naturalist


New synonymy involving American Scolytidae includes: Acanthotomicus Blandford (= Mimips Eggers), Dendroterus Blandford (= Xylochilus Schedl), Chramesus dentatus Schaeffer (= Ch. Barbatus Eggers), Cnemonyx atratus (Blandford) (= C. nitens Wood), C. errans (Blandford) (= Ceratolepsis brasiliensis Schedl), C. exiguus (Blandford) (= Loganius pumilus Eggers), C. minusculus (Blandford) (= Loganius vismiae Eggers), Cnesinus porcatus Blandford (= Cn. bicostatus Schedl), Cryptocarenus seriatus Eggers (= Cr. adustus Eggers), Dendroterus luteolus (Schedl) (= D. mundus Wood), D. mexicanus Blandford (= D. confinis Wood), D. sallaei Blandford (= Xylochilus insularis Schedl), D. striatus (LeConte) (= Plesiophthorus californicus Schedl), Hylastes gracilis LeConte (= H. longus LeConte), Hylocurus elegans Eichhoff (= Hy. minor Wood), Hy. retusipennis Blandford (= Hy. bidentatus Schedl), Hy. rudis (LeConte) (= Micracis biorbis Blackman), Xyleborus asper Eggers (= X. amoenus Schedl), X. capucinus Eichhoff (= X. capucinoides Eggers), X. caraibicus Eggers (= X. trinidadensis Schedl), X. declivis Eichhoff (= X. pseudoprocer Schedl), X. deplanatus Eggers (= X. longideclivis Wood), X. discretus Eggers (= X. usticus Wood), X. gilvipes Blandford (= X. mexicanus Eggers), X. godmani Blandford (= X. caelebs Blandford), X. guatemalensis (Hopkins) (= X. anisandrus Schedl), X. intrusus Blandford (= X. howardi Hopkins, X. scopulorum Hopkins), X. lecontei (Hopkins) (= X. gundlachi Eggers), X. sparsipilosus Eggers (= X. inconveniens Schedl), X. spathipennis Eichhoff (= X. coronatus Eichhoff, Boroxylon burgdorfi Hopkins, X. curtus Eggers, X. femoratus Eggers), X. tumucensis Hagedorn (= X. guayanensis Eggers), X. vespatorius Schedl (= X. corniculatus Schedl, X. corniculatulus Schedl), and X. volvulus (Fabricius) (= X. grenadensis Hopkins, X. vagabundus Schedl). Microborus bicolor Eggers is removed from synonymy, and the new name Acanthotomicus bidentis is proposed for the preoccupied name Mimips bidens Wood.