Great Basin Naturalist


A lectotype designated for Bostrichus asperatus Gyllenhal resulted in the clarification of the status of Cryphalus Erichson and the removal of Trypophoeus Fairmaire from synonymy. All species described by A. D. Hopkins in Hypothenemus Westwood and Stephanoderes Eichhoff were reviewed. New synonymy included: Bostrichus asperatus Gyllenhal (B. abietis Ratzeburg); H. birmanus (Eichhoff) (H. maculicollis Sharp. S. perkinsi Hopkins. S. sterculiae Hopkins. S. psidii Hopkins); B. crudiae (Panzer) (B. plumeriae Nördlinger, Cryphalus hispidulus LeConte, S. differens Hopkins, S. paraguayensis Hopkins, S. polyphagus Costa Lima, S. uniseriatus Eggers, S. hivaoea Beeson, S. lebronneci Beeson); H. californicus Hopkins (H. tritici Hopkins); H. dipterocarpi Hopkins (H. mangarivanus Beeson); H. erectus LeConte (H. validus Blandford, S. puncticollis Hopkms, S. cubensis Hopkins); H. eruditus Westwood (Cryphalus basjoo Niisima, Cosmoderes schwarzi Hopkins, H. bradfordi Hopkins. H. ferrugineus Hopkins, H. flavipes Hopkins, H. flavosquamosus Hopkins, H. heathi Hopkins, H. koebelei Hopkins, H. lineatifrons Hopkins, H. mali Hopkins, H. myristicae Hopkins, H. nigricollis Hopkins, H. parvus Hopkins, H. punctipennis Hopkins, H. sacchari Hopkins, H. tenuis Hopkins, H. webbi Hopkins, S. elongates Hopkins, S. flavicollis Hopkins, S. pygmaeus Hopkins, S. subconcentralis Hopkins, S. unicolor Hopkins, H. intersetosus Eggers, S. erythrinae Eggers, H. dubiosus Schedl).