Great Basin Naturalist


We regret that a portion of a key in Professor La River's paper was left out. We are pleased to include this missing portion of the key, which can be found in the erratum notice here: gbn/vol11/iss1/8/
La River's statement concerning this matter follows:
"Due to the author's absence from the country while his paper "The Staphylinoid and Dascilloid aquatic Coleoptera of the Nevada Area" (Great Basin Naturalist 10, 1–4:66–70) was being set in type, he had no opportunity to examine a galley proof. Subsequently it was noticed that the second page of the original manuscript, containing the final part of the key to hydraenid genera and the initial portion of the key to the species of Limnebius (one of those genera), had been inadvertently omitted.
"The following keys represent this missing portion, and are to be placed in the key to hydraenid adults on the first page of the cited paper, between the two "2's" in the couplets following "(Limnebius)" on the right hand side of the page."—Ira La Rivers.