Why is Mom So Blue? Postpartum Depression in a Family Context

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Elizabeth just couldn't understand herself. She had waited for this her whole life. When she was little, she had a whole nursery set up for her "baby" (a doll she had been given by her grandmother), and she would spend hours taking care of her. She loved to change her clothes, give her a bath, rock her to sleep, and do every other thing mommies do with their babies. She would dream of the day she could do those things with her own, real-life baby. So now that she could, why was it so hard? Why wasn't she finding any joy in living her dream? To make matters worse, her husband couldn't understand her either. He would get frustrated when he would come home from work only to find her still in her pajamas. The house was a mess, the baby wasn't happy, and Elizabeth didn't seem to be doing anything anymore. This was her only job, so what was the matter with her?