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Sex, Sexual Satisfaction, Marital Satisfaction, Differentiation, Sexual, Differentiation of Self, Anthony Hughes, Anthony


Using questionnaires, self report, and partner report of spouse, this investigation examined the relationship between differentiation of self and sexual satisfaction of each partner for a sample size of 681. The data was collected from a large northwestern city and was part of the Flourishing Families Project. Actor and partner effects were both examined. Findings showed that both husbands and wives were impacted by both actor and partner effects of differentiation of self. The latent variable of differentiation of self measured the lack of differentiation, while the latent variable of sexual satisfaction measured the lack of sexual satisfaction within the relationship. Wife sexual satisfaction was predicted by the increase or decrease in husband and wife differentiation of self. Husband sexual satisfaction was also predicted by the increase or decrease of husband and wife differentiation of self. Overall, as the variables (differentiation of self) increased, the variables (sexual satisfaction) also increased.


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Sexual Satisfaction and Differentiation