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A growing number of institutions are offering courses and degrees via distance education, however distance education librarianship is a relatively new and often less defined field of librarianship. This paper will present the results of a survey to discover career paths leading to distance education librarianship. Based on a survey of subscribers to the OFFCAMP listserv, it asked questions such as: Is there a typical career path? Does previous or continuing work in other library units benefit a distance education librarian? What are the most important qualifications for a distance education librarian? Profiles of the education and experience of distance education librarians were analyzed for commonalities. The study concluded that distance education librarians come to their positions from a variety of experience, not always in libraries, but predominately from library public service departments. A typical career path for distance education librarians is not evident at this time.

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Washburn, A. (26). Career paths of distance education librarians: A profile of current practitioners subscribed to the OFFCAMP listserv. Journal of Library Administration, 45(3), 483-59.

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