practicum-based mathematics, elementary education, IMAP, Web-Based beliefs survey


Effects of a practicum-based elementary mathematics methods course on the beliefs of preservice teachers regarding conceptual knowledge in school mathematics were explored using a pre-post design. The intensity of those beliefs was assessed before and after the methods course using the IMAP Web-Based Beliefs Survey, an instrument constructed by the "Integrating Mathematics and Pedagogy" (IMAP) research group at San Diego State University. IMAP Beliefs Survey assesses belief intensity by asking respondents to react to and analyze written and video cases (Ambrose, Clement, Philipp, & Chauvot, 2004; Philipp, Ambrose, Clement, Sowder, Schappelle, Sowder Chauvot, & Thanheiser, 2005). Its use with preservice teachers enrolled in mathematics content courses for elementary education majors has been previously reported (Ambrose et al., 2004). In the current study, significant pre-post effects regarding belief changes were obtained in the desired direction, thus suggesting the appropriateness of conducting a future, more extensive experimental investigation of the effects of practicum-based methods course on teacher beliefs.

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Bahr, D.L., Monroe, E.E. (28). An exploration of the effects of a practicum intensive mathematics methods course on the beliefs of elementary preservice teachers. International Journal of Mathematics Teaching and Learning, 25 Nov 28 found at

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