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This study evaluated how preparing for an interval workout, while wearing a cooling vest, affects core temperature (Tc), heart rate (HR), and interval time in long-distance runners. Nineteen male collegiate cross-country runners exercised under two different conditions: (a) wearing a Nike PreCool™ ice vest for one hour prior to the workout (30 minutes resting with the vest and 30 minutes while performing their warm-up); and (b) a control condition utilizing a traditional warm-up. Subjects performed 8 x 1000 m intervals. HR and Tc were measured prior to warm-up, immediately before the first interval, and after each interval. Tc measured before the first interval was significantly lower in the vest condition (difference = 0.37° ± 0.2°C). Differences persisted through the sixth interval. Differences in HR and interval times were nonsignificant between conditions for all intervals. Wearing an ice vest prior to and during warm-up effectively lowers Tc during long-distance interval training.

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Tegeder A, Hunter I, Mack G, & Hilton S. (28). "Long-Distance Interval Training Following Pre-Cooling with an Ice Vest". International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching, 3(2), 269-275.

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