microcantilever, array, simultaenous readout, phtonoic transduction, waveguide


We demonstrate a microcantilever array with an in-plane photonic transduction method for simultaneous readout of each microcantilever. The array is fabricated on a silicon-on-insulator substrate. Rib waveguides in conjunction with a compact waveguide splitter network comprised of trench-based splitters and trench-based bends route light from a single optical input to each microcantilever on the chip. Light propagates down a rib waveguide integrated into the microcantilever and, at the free end of the microcantilever, crosses a small gap. Light is captured in static asymmetric multimode waveguides that terminate in Y-branches, the outputs of which are imaged onto an InGaAs line scan camera. A differential signal for each microcantilever is simultaneously formed from the two outputs of the corresponding Y-branch. We demonstrate that reasonable signal uniformity is obtained with a scaled differential signal for seven out of nine surviving microcantilevers in an array.

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W. Hu, R. Anderson, Y. Qian, J. Song, J.W. Noh, S. Kim, G.P. Nordin, "Demonstration of microcantilever array with simultaneous readout using in-plane photonic transduction method," Rev. Sci. Instr. 8, 8511, pp. 1-7 (29).

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