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Many libraries and archives have a mission to document local or regional history and current events. Rapid response collecting during a crisis has become increasingly necessary in recent years in order to curate content during an event rather than after the event has concluded. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020, libraries across the world recognized the importance of documenting contemporary history for the current and future study of the pandemic. Many projects were created to document different aspects of the pandemic, each with a slightly different focus based on types of content, populations, or regions. This talk will provide an overview of the many types of COVID related collections that have been created. A case study of the Utah COVID-19 Digital Collection will be shared, including how the project developed over time, workflows developed for processing user-submitted content, and the outreach efforts used to promote the collection.

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Myntti, J. “Keynote Address: Curating the History of COVID-19.” Bridging the Spectrum: The 14th Annual Symposium on Scholarship and Practice. February 18, 2022. Virtual Symposium sponsored by Catholic University of America.

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Bridging the Spectrum: The 14th Annual Symposium on Scholarship and Practice




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